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Weekly Report: Week 46

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

South Korean movie, Tomb of the river ranks no 2 on the box office this week. An action film about the ambitions, conspiracy, and betrayal of different organizations surrounding the life-changing project of building the largest resort in Gangneung. the cast consists of Jang Hyuk, Yoo oh sung, han sun wa, Kim hae han, park sun geun. Jang Hyuk as the lead role is best known for his leading roles in Windstruck, The Slave Hunters, Deep Rooted Tree, Fated to Love You, Voice, and Money Flower.

Tomb of the river has a total sales of 1.9 billion won since it was released on November 10 dropping dune to be the no 3 on the box office this week. the director, Yoon Young Bin last movie, break the silence made sales of 1.16 billion won in total. let us see how the tomb of the river can drop the movie, Eternals can top the Korean movie market.







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