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Time to Kill the Romance!

Love is beautiful! It often brings the best out in us. But what if you feel trapped and want to return to your previous lifestyle? And you are denied that possibility. What would you do?

The latest South Korean comedy 'Killing Romance' (킬링 로맨스) is all about this. Hwang Yeo-Rae (Lee Ha-Nee) is a popular actress with poor acting skills. During her trip to the South Pacific Ocean, she falls in love, eventually marries Jonathan Na (Lee Sun-Kyun), and retires from her entertainment career. However, she eventually feels trapped in the relationship and wishes to return back to her acting life. But her husband strongly opposes it. So she decides to kill him! This comedy is sure to fill the room with laughter.

Within 3 days of its release, the movie has been able to garner almost 700 million won in sales with an audience footfall of approx. 70,000 people. The initial reaction to this film has been met with great appreciation. As you can see from the graph below, the performance of the actors was rated highest at 35% followed by the production quality and the visual beauty of the film.

Appreciation Points of the Movie

Have a look at the trailer today!

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