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The Russian Animation movie crosses 50M in five days!

This week, we look into the latest animation movie released all the way from Russia - The Snow Queen & The Princess. The plot revolves around Kai and Gerda who live in a cozy quiet town when suddenly the Icy Spirits come there to freeze everyone. However, Ila, a little wizardess, comes up to help the heroes. Together they go to the magic world of Mirrorland to get the Icy Spirits back. This movie is perfectly suited for the holiday occasion upon us!

Directed by Alexey Tsitsilin, this family movie has been dubbed in Korean for its Korean audience through actors Siyoon Park, Sohee Kim, Hannah Kim, Jeonghyun Choi, Jung-ik Seo, and Jeong Seong-won. In just a matter of five days, the movie roped in excess of 80,000 moviegoers to the theatres generating cumulative sales (to date) of north of 50M won. It has been viewed by 57% of males and 43% of females with the age group of the 40s and 30s receiving the highest viewership of 43% and 39% respectively.

Watch the trailer now!

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