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'The Night Owl' Korean thriller to reach a million viewers in just six days!

It's often said that when one of your faculties is disparaged, your other senses are heightened. Well, 'The Night Owl' - the latest Korean thriller - is an example of this. Actor Ryu Jun-yeol (as Kyung-soo) is blind but has excellent acupuncture skills. Noting his talent, actor Choi Moo-sung (as Lee Hyung-ik) offers him a position inside the palace (the movie is set in the Joseon Dynasty). Around that time, Crown Prince Sohyeon (played by actor Kim Sung-cheol) returns to the palace after being held hostage by the Qing Dynasty for eight years. Then one night, Kyung-soo, who can barely see in the dark, witnesses the death of the Crown Prince. As he tries to tell the truth, bigger secrets and conspiracies are revealed, putting his life at risk.

With an intricate storyline, and a list of notable actors and actresses: Ryu Jun-yeol as Kyung-soo; Yoo Hae-jin as King Injo; Choi Moo-sung as Lee Hyung-ik; Jo Sung-ha; Park Myung-hoon as Man-sik; Kim Sung-cheol as Crown Prince Sohyeon; Ahn Eun-jin as Jo So-yong; and Jo Yoon-seo as Kang-bin, the movie was sure to receive positive feedbacks. Being released in the theatres on Nov 23, the film has already garnered close to 900,000 moviegoers. It's only a matter of days till the movie crosses a million! The cumulative sales to date are close to ₩9 billion.

Take a sneak peek at the trailer and decide for yourself!

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