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The Gentleman: Last Crime-Action movie of 2022!

2022 has been a great year for the South Korean movie industry. And to wind up the year, we look into the last Korean crime action movie of the year, The Gentleman. Ji Hyun-Soo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is the owner of a private detective agency and whilst on an assignment, Ji Hyun-woo wakes up to find his client gone and gets framed for kidnapping him. While he is in police custody, he gets involved in a car accident and somehow gets mistaken for a prosecutor. He must now find his client and prove his innocence.

Directed by Kim Kyoung-won, this movie was released nationwide across 751 screens. Within a week's time, the movie has generated admissions of 189,149 people with cumulative sales of $1.4 million. The screens have been attended by 61% of males and 39% of females. In terms of the age segregation, teenagers accounted for 2% of viewership, <20years accounted for 26%, <30years was 37%, <40years was 27%, and >50years was 8%.

Have a look at the trailer of the movie!

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