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Star Focus: So Ji-sub had nightmares while filming 'Confession'!

Korean actor So Ji-sub is back with his latest movie release 'Confession.' The film follows a wealthy businessman named Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-sub) who is suspected of killing his mistress in a hotel room where only the two of them were present. Claiming his innocence, Yoo hires a talented lawyer named Yang Sin-ae (Kim Yun-jin) who agrees to help him if he tells her exactly what happened. The crime movie is a dynamic sequence of flashbacks presenting different theories of what really happened in the hotel room.

Since this is the first crime thriller movie for actor So Ji-sub, the actor mentions that he had nightmares until the last day of filming. He goes on to say that in his dreams, someone kept torturing him and giving him a hard time. The actor rose to fame through his previous work for Rough Cut (2008), Ghost (2012) and I'm Sorry, I love you (2004).

Over the course of his 20-year career, actor So J-sub has appeared in multiple TV dramas and 11 movies. This includes 4 action movies, 3 romance movies, and 1 each from the crime, comedy, drama, and sci-fi genres. These masterpieces have brought in total sales of ₩97 billion and an audience base of 12 million. His recent film has already brought forth ₩3.3 billion with over 300,000 ticket sales. Want similar insights, contact Korea movie net today!

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