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Star Focus: No. 456 is back: Lee Jung-jae

Do you remember the 'Squid Game' - the most-watched Netflix show with a record 1.65 billion hours? Well, the illustrious number 456 or lead actor Lee Jung-Jae was showered with love for his performance as the character Seong Gi-hun. He won the 2022 Best Leading Actor and the Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Blue Dragon Series Awards and Critics' Choice Television Awards respectively.


Lee Jung Jae is back featuring in the latest South Korean espionage spy action film 'Hunt' or 헌트. This film deals with actual historical events that occurred in the 1980s: May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, defection of North Korean pilot Lee Ungpyeong, and the Aung San terrorist attack. With action films topping sales in South Korea as well as Lee Jung Jae's lead role in this film, we can be sure that this flick will bring the audiences running to the theatres. And in just four days, the film has managed to bring more than 1 million people to the theatres.


Throughout his career, Lee Jung Jae has managed to pile more than 80 million people to his films resulting in a revenue of ₩683 billion. In addition, he has managed to appear in all categories of films with drama, action, and romance as his stronghold. His roles in the films have fetched 33 awards. He is definitely an actor one would want in their arsenal.

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