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Sound Bombs are going off this week!

This week, we are looking into the latest Korean movie release, Decibel (데시벨). The action movie takes us on a suspenseful journey as a former navy commander (Kim Rae-Won) receives a phone call from an anonymous man. The caller states that he has set up bombs in locations filled with people, including a soccer stadium and a water park. The bombs are "sound bombs" that will detonate when nearby ambient sounds surpass 100 decibels. Will he be able to stop these terror attacks?

The action movie, directed by Hwang In-ho and featuring actors Kim Rae-won, Kim Dong Hoon, and Lee Jong-suk has mesmerized the crowds in South Korea. In just a matter of six days, the movie has brought in almost 530,000 people to the theatres. This translates to a cumulative sales of ₩5.3 B. Moreover, this movie has resonated well with both genders (Male:49%; Females: 51%), especially those in their 30s (41%).

Watch the trailer today!

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