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Eternals debut in Korea is the country's highest-grossing film to date in 2021.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The huge lifting of Covid restrictions and the arrival of the next Marvel tentpole boosted business by 130 percent week-on-week. Admissions topped 1.36 million, but the domestic market share remained below 1% due to the lack of new local content. After a mixed reception from reviewers, Chloe Zhao's latest Marvel picture, Eternals, which stars Don Lee (aka Ma Dongseok) in the cast, made a strong start at the Korean box office. Don Lee has acted in movies like; the round up. train to busan extended, ashfall, start-up, The bad guys: reign of chaos, long live the king, norigae, the gangsterm=, the cop and the devil and many more. Eternals was his first US debut movie.

During the epidemic, the Eternals sold 1.14 million tickets (USD 10.21 million), the highest opening for a foreign title and the best opening of any film in 2021. The video racked up 1.61 million audiences in its first five days of release (USD 14.33 million) in Korea. Due to the movie, Dune saw a 48% reduction in ticket sales on the 3rd week, with 126,000 people (USD 1.18 million) in attendance. in the following week, the Dune passed the 1 million audiences (USD 9.02 million). Camparing the sales of Eternals and Dune, Eternals has a slightly higher sales so far. However, we see Dune has changed their marketing strategy to generate more profitable as they stay longer with core audiences in the market.

They decided to reduce their number of screens which will decrease their cost but still open the seats for potential movie-goers. This weekend, Sony devoted most of their screens to Eternals, which caused Venom: Let There Be Carnage to fall 76 percent. The film's new total of 2.08 million admissions has been reached by this week with USD 17.45 million sales.



Poster for the movie ‘The Eternals’ by Ma Dong-seok / Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney

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