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The charm of Sing 2 attacked the Korean family including children.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

On January 5, 2022, Sing 2 was released in Korea. This work is an animation produced by Illumination Entertainment and is the G-rated. Like the Sing released about five years ago, Sing 2 was still hot. In both works, the average score of audiences is nearly nine points. It is a simple happening, but this enthusiasm is unusually explosive. So what on earth made parents and children crazy about Sing 2?

It is a image that part of the movie, Sing.
Part of the movie, Sing

If you want to know about this happening, you should know at first about Sing 2's previous work, Sing. Basically, animation, the G-rated, is a work that children and parents watch together. Therefore, it is also a tricky genre that both age groups should satisfy. However, Sing played the role in Korea. Although the story is not excellent, Hollywood actors, with excellent voice acting skills were hired, expressed the desires, stories, or emotions of the characters. These expressions were vividly delivered to the audience outside the screen by animal characters acting like humans. The lively animal characters made colorful entertainment for children and sad stories of characters more prominent for adults. The feelings of children and parents were different, but as a result, it became a content that all family members could enjoy, so Sing became successful in Korea, which values group emotions importantly.

It is a image that COVID-19 Blue.
COVID-19 Blue

Many things happened over five years before Sing 2 was released. COVID-19 has led to an increase in the time everyone spends at home. Even though the COVID Blue situation was strong in the early days, this situation lasted for a long time, making it an opportunity for families to talk a lot and understanding each other well. However, because the opportunity to go outside was limited, Korean family members were thirsty for entertainment to enjoy together. For more than five years.

It is a image that Sing 2 Korean movie posters.
Sing2 Korean movie posters

Meanwhile, Sing 2 was released. Sing 2 was produced by the same director as Sing, and the larger scale and splendid scenes took the hearts of children. The new actors also have proven skills, and Sing 2 has developed more than Sing, so it became a content that parents can enjoy as they have a high level of completeness as if watching an actual musical. It is also an advantage of the story that is not too much to understand Sing 2 without looking at Sing. Since BTS songs also come out in the middle of the scenes, it is not unfamiliar, but it also came out as a happy meal toy at McDonald's, so Sing 2 has a familiarity that can be seen anywhere.

It is a image that sales comparison Sing with Sing 2.
Sales comparison Sing with Sing 2

The cumulative sales of Sing are 13,196,964,089 won, and the cumulative sales of Sing 2 are 7,966,932,700 won. Still there are strong government guidelines due to COVID-19, such as limited sales and distancing policies. Nevertheless, the cumulative sales of Sing 2 account for 60% of the cumulative sales of Sing. As we all know, nobody knows when COVID-19 will end. However, the desire of people to watch movies was surpressed continuosly. After this pandemic, it is expected to consume movies explosively in the Korean market.

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