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Let's go to the theatres to watch a concert!

It is becoming a trend in Korea to showcase popular concerts with a twist in the theatres. And this time, IMHERO or Lim Young-woong's Encore concert, which heated up the Gocheok Sky Dome in the winter of 2022. Filmed with 14 cinematic cameras, Lim Young-woong's "IM HERO THE FINAL" provides a special viewing experience with angles that can only be seen in the theatres. Fans will not only witness his heartfelt interview but also see the behind-the-scenes story of a national tour.

In a matter of roughly two weeks, the movie garnered almost 200,000 fans in the theatres - sales of almost ₩5 billion! The documentary and live performance movie received a crowd of roughly 90% females. Interestingly, the 50s age group had the highest viewing trend of 69%. This was followed by the 40s (17%) and 30s (4%). Watch the trailer below!

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