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Japan vs Korea: Which animation movie has impressed the Korean moviegoers?

Both the Japanese and Korean movie industry released their animation film on the 28th of September. The Japanese animation movie "Crayon Shin-chan: School Mystery! The Splendid Tenkasu Academy" is based on Shinnosuke and his friends experiencing a one-week stay as part of the "defense force" of Tenkatōitsu Kasukabe Private Academy (nicknamed "Tenkasu"), an elite boarding school that is administrated by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. But when Kazama is attacked, with his intelligence reduced, and strange bite marks left on his butt, the mood begins to change. The Kasukabe defense force joins forces with the school's dropout student council president Chishio Atsuki to form a group of detectives and shed some light on the mystery.

Meanwhile the Korean animation movie "Hello Carbot the Movie: The Secret of the Suspicious Magic Troupe" focuses on Chatan and his family who go to their grandfather's house for a vacation. He spends a pleasant time with his new friend that he met there, Sam-soon. At that time, an incident occurs where the luxury watermelons raised by her grandfather disappears. Chatan, Carbot, and their new friend, Sam-soon, will face off against a mysterious magic gang that seeks to conquer the earth!

Korea movie net looks at the sales comparison of both movies opening week. Consistently, Japanese animation movie has driven more fans. On its opening day, Crayon Shin-chan brought roughly ₩115million whereas Hello Carbot drove only ₩55million. While the second day slumped the sales of both movies, the sales showed an increasing pattern over the next four days. By the sixth day, both movies reached their highest sales figure of ₩796million [Japan] and ₩468million [Korea]. It will be interesting to see the trend going forward. Which movie will you be watching?

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