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How far will you go to take revenge?

This week, Korea Movie Net looks at the much-awaited action drama movie "Remember." This movie tells the story of Pil-Joo (Actor Lee Sung-min), an Alzheimer's patient in his 80s, who looks to take out his lifelong revenge on those who killed his family during the Japanese colonial era before his memories disappear. In his revenge journey, he gets a young man in his 20s (Actor Nam Joo-hyuk) to help him.

Directed by Lee II-Hyung, this movie was invited to the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival. And its distribution rights were pre-sold to 115 countries, including France, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and North America. Within a week in Korea, the movie Remember has sold more than 374,000 tickets, bringing in sales of ₩4 billion. Curious about the trailer, watch it now!

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