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Hostage Crisis in Afghanistan: 'The Point Men'

The year 2007 was a dark year for South Korea. Several South Korean missionaries were captured and held hostage in Afghanistan. Based on this true story, 'The Point Men' (교섭), presents the story of a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service agent who struggle and risk their lives on foreign soil to save the 23 South Korean missionaries.

The lead cast of this movie is played by Hyun Bin (NIS Agent) who conducts the rescue operation and negotiations and the diplomat is played by Hwang Jung-min. With such a strong cast and storyline, the movie has gathered more than a million moviegoers into the theatres in just a week. This results in cumulative sales of ₩12 billion. Displayed on 1,289 screens across Korea, the movie has been frequented by 58% of males and 42% of females. The age group of the 30s represents a 38% share of the audience followed by 20s (27%) and 40s (23%). Catch a sneak peek into the trailer below!

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