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'Count': It's my way or the highway!

Often, achieving the greatest feats in our lives requires hours of dedication and discipline. And when we reach the echelon of our efforts, we understand the importance of the process. The latest k-movie- Count - is an account of Shi-heon (Actor Jin Sun-Kyu), who won the gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in the Olympics. After ten years, he starts to work as an ordinary high school teacher. However, his previous personality has not left him and he believes that it's either his way or the highway!

The plot takes an interesting turn when he overhears about a student who is proficient in boxing but was disqualified for match-fixing. He goes on to recruit the student and start a boxing club. Will he be able to get another medal? The 109-minute drama movie was released earlier this week at the box office and has already been frequented by more than 247,000 moviegoers. The movie has been watched by both genders fairly equally - Males (53%) and Females (47%). In terms of the viewing age trend, the 30s (40%) and 40s (28%) stood tallest. Have a look at the trailer of the movie below:

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