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Avatar ropes in 3 million moviegoers in its first week!

The much awaited sequel of the superhit Avatar series, Avatar: The Way of Water, launched last week in South Korea. The director, James Cameron, stated in 2010 that the Way of Water would be expected in 2014. However, the movie required new technology to be build in order to capture the underwater scenes, a feat never accomplished before. This led to significant delays and now finally, the movie has surfaced to reality.

The movie has been met with great praise at the box office. In just a matter of a week, the movie has roped in almost 3 million moviegoers! This translates to an cumulative sales of almost 36 billion won. It is clear that the movie has impressed the Korean public. But James Cameron movies has always been a showstopper in South Korea. To date, his movies has garnered almost 14 million moviegoers with a lifetime sales of 132 billion won.

Here is the trailer from the underwater phenomenon - Avatar: The Way of Water!

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