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육사오(6/45): Willing to cross the border to North Korea for ₩5.7B?

Did you know that the chances of you winning the lottery is less than you getting struck by lightning? Now imagine that luck is in your favor and your dream becomes a reality! You win ₩5.7 Billion! As you are looking at the paper that will change your destiny, a gush of wind takes it over the border to North Korea! Would you be willing to risk your life and retrieve the paper from across the border? The movie 육사오(6/45) [pronounced Yuk-Sao in Korean] is a comical encounter between South and North Korean soldiers over the ₩5.7 Billion 1st place lottery ticket! We are sure that this plot will not make the audience take their eyes off this movie for even a moment!

The movie is directed by Park Gyu-tae and has an illustrious cast featuring Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Yi-kyung, Eum Moon-suk, Park Se-wan and Kwak Dong-yeon. In just a matter of 6 days, the movie has already roped in 528,856 moviegoers and is moments away from the lottery figure of ₩5.7B! As we can witness from the graphs below, South Korea has been poised for releasing films that cater to over 12 years old [94 movies] and over 15 years old [95 movies]. The movie 6/45 falls in the over 12 years old category. And clearly we can discern that the audience in South Korea has walked in for over 12 years old category films at 50.2% versus over 15 years old [32.4%]. This may be the pattern for potential success with the Korean audience!

Watch the trailer for 육사오(6/45) right now!

Looking forward to more movie data and research! Contact Korea Movie today!

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