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​1. USA

2. ​China ($9.3 billion)

3. Japan ($2.4 billion)

4. South Korea ($1.6 billion)

5. United Kingdom ($1.6 billion)

6. France ($1.6 billion)

South Korea has 3,300 screens in 2015, compared to 44,283 in North America and 69,787 in China. However, it is the world's fourth-largest film market in terms of movie ticket sales. For more than 100 years, new ideas in cinema have created passion, dreams, and hope in Korea pushing our lives forward. No matter what subject origins they are from, from love to hate, from a human to a robot.


Koreans are story lovers and believe better movie creates a better world. Due to this reason, many moviemakers test their movies in Korea before they launch across globally. We provide cinema data and consumer market research services to our clients.  e.g. poster & trailer test, pre-movie storylines test, pre-recruited screening, and etc.

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